25 Useless Parts of Your Body You Can Live Without

Our body works as a perfect machine 24/7, and it would work even better if it didn’t feature that many useless body parts. In this article, we will feature some body parts most of us have that don’t have any purpose. The body parts we will feature are mostly remnants from our primate ancestors.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the 25 Useless Parts of Your Body You Can Live Without:

#25 – Arrector Pili Muscles

If you ever get goosebumps reading this article, which is highly unlikely, you should know what’s responsible for that. Did you know that there are actually muscles found in our skin that give us the goosebumps? That’s crazy, isn’t it? Those muscles which give us the goosebumps whenever we listen to an emotional song or when we are listening to a scary story are called arrector pili muscles.

Now, these muscles don’t have any other functions besides giving us goosebumps. So that’s why they are useless, because they, you know, only give you goosebumps.