25 Strangest Gifts Ever Given

Giving gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Easter, and other occassions is one of the oldest social conventions. The purpose of giving gifts is surprising the person whom you give them. However, you can’t surprise a person with toilet paper or a severed human ear as Christmas gifts.

In this article, we will feature some of the craziest things that people were given as gifts. You won’t believe what people received for Christmas, birthday, Easter, and other special occasions:

#25 – Human Skin Lamp Shade

There’s a man from the United States called Mark Jacobson who received a rather unusual gift from his friend, Skip Henderson. Jacobson’s friend gifted him, believe it or not, a lamp shade made out from human skin! However, he didn’t do that on purpose. He discovered by accident that the lamp shade he gave to his good friend was made from human skin.

Soon after that horrifying realization, Henderson called a thrift store in New Orleans where he bought the bizarre lamp shade to tell them what they have kept in their shop. The store’s managers were equally terrified as Mark and couldn’t recall how the lamp shade got to their store.