25 Most Bizarre Criminals Ever

#19 – Donald Henry Gaskins

It was the year of 1969 when this psychopath commenced his killing spree across the American South. Gaskins would pick up his victims, hitchhikers, on the coastal highways of the American South. None of his victims expected that he would torture, mutilate, and slaughter them. Upon his arrest in 1975, Gaskins claimed that he murdered more than 80 people, however, he was only accused of murdering 8 people.

As a punishment for his hideous crimes, Gaskins was initially put on death row, but that was later commuted to life imprisonment. What’s interesting is the fact that Gaskin’s thirst for blood and gore didn’t stop. While he was on death row, he killed another prisoner on death row. That was the first and only time a prisoner on death row was murdered by another death row inmate.