25 Interesting Sings That You Are a Genius

Solving complex math problems and proposing new physics theories aren’t the only two signs of ingenuity. In fact, there is a huge number of subtle signs of genius.

In this article, we will feature some subtle and unknown signs of high intelligence or even genius. If you find yourself in any of the things we will feature, then you are most likely a highly intelligent person. We know you are curious whether you are highly intelligent or not so let’s have a look at the 25 Interesting Sings That You Are a Genius:

#25 – You’re Hypnagogic

Wait, what the hell means to be hypnagogic? Does that word even exist? Yes, it does exist and we didn’t make that word up. To be hypnagogic means to be in the state of hypnagogia. Then what is hypnagogia?

Hypnagogia, as the science of sleep says, is the state between wakefulness and sleep. Let’s put that in other words – Hypnagogia is that stage when you are about to fall asleep and various crazy scenes happen in front of your eyes. This actually feels like dreaming while being awake. Now, you are a genius if you have vivid hypnagogic dreams every time you hit the sack. Genius people are known to frequent hypnagogia.