25 Hacks That Could Save Your Life One Day

You can never predict when things can go wrong, but you can learn how to survive when things go wrong!

These 25 hacks will greatly improve your chances of survival in various survival situations, such as getting lost in the woods, during an earthquake, tornado, etc.:

#25 – Cigarette Butt = A Knife

If you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, you will need three basic things – a shelter, water resource, and a knife. The first two are easy to find, but what if you don’t have a knife? Well, if you have some cigarettes in your bag, you can make a knife out of them!

Making a makeshift knife out of a cigarette butt is easy, however, keep in mind that the cigarette butt can get extremely sharp and cut deep! To make a knife out of a cigarette butt, you first have to light it up. Allow the cigarette butt to burn. Once the cigarette butt has burned down, squash the filter down with wet fingers. Voila, you have a sharp knife now!