25 Facts About YouTube You Didn’t Know

YouTube is an ultimate source of fun and entertainment. This website will never ever fail to entertain us, educate us, and even frighten us. YouTube has achieved such a success that it is everyone’s favorite website.

However, how well do you know your favorite website? You think you know everything about YouTube? No, you don’t. There are some facts about YouTube almost no one knows. Let’s see what those facts are:

#25 – YouTube Was Founded By…

YouTube couldn’t create itself. Someone must have created that website that is today the most popular website in the world. Who founded YouTube and made our lives more entertaining?

Well, not only one person founded YouTube, but three persons founded YouTube. The founders of YouTube are three good buddies and former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steven Chen. These dudes registered YouTube’s domain in February 2005 and launched the website by the end of 2005. Thanks, Chad, Jawed, and Steven for founding YouTube!