25 Celebrity Transformations That Are Shocking

When you’re a celebrity, you always have to work on yourself. You have to pay attention how you look, how you dress, what are you going to say, etc. Celebrities are constantly under pressure because of all of that so they sometimes have to change a thing or two about themselves.

But, there are celebrities who took the extra mile and changed themselves completely. Here are 25 Celebrity Transformations That Are Shocking:

#25 – Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s transformation shocked everyone! You can clearly see in the photo above how the start of the popular TV series “Girls” changed. The main thing that Lena changed the way she looks is losing a couple of extra pounds, and we must admit that she has an ideal body weight now.

Lena even shared a funny reason why she lost her extra pounds. She told in an interview with Howard Stern that ever since Donald Trump became the President she almost completely quit eating. Well, that’s what we like to call a Donald Trump diet!