25 Bizarre Facts About China You Didn’t Know

Do you think you know everything about China? Well, you don’t know everything about China and we bet on that. China is much more than noodles and toys. It is one of the oldest countries in the world with an abundant history.

However, there are some pretty weird things going on in China, from buying virginity to people living in caves, and we will talk about such weird things that happen in China today. Let’s have a look at the 25 Bizarre Things About China You Didn’t Know:

#25 – Buying Virginity

Did you know that it is a shame in China for the Chinese women to enter a marriage deflowered? There are even cases when some future Chinese mother-in-laws ask their possible daughters-in-law whether they are virgins or not. If a Chinese girl answers her possible mother-in-law that she is not a virgin, then the mother-in-law doesn’t allow her to get married to her son.

Because of this, many deflowered Chinese brides-to-be go for a bizarre plastic surgery that restores their virginity and renders them able to get married. Such bizarre plastic surgery that restores virginity is called hymenoplasty and its price can go up to $3,000.