25 Best Men’s Hairstyles You Must Try

There are numerous men’s hairstyles that men can choose from, but in this article we will feature the best of the best men’s hairstyles. The hairstyles we’ll feature are modern, trendy, and appealing.

These are the 25 Best Men’s Hairstyles You Must Try:

#25 – Disconnected Pompadour

The classic pompadour was trendy several years ago, but today it isn’t trendy at all. Every hairdresser would laugh at you if it saw you on the street with a pompadour hairstyle on your head. However, there’s this one pompadour variation that’s accepted and trendy even today. We are talking about the disconnected pompadour.

The hair in this trendy hairstyle is faded on sides or clipped close on sides. The hair on top is kept voluminous and long. The best thing about this pompadour hairstyle variation is that it suits every man, regardless of his nationality.